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Aziz Damani sports club

Aziz Damani Champions Of The Unimoni National Cup Powered By Xpress Money

With a future as bright as their jersey, Aziz Damani has come guns blazing in their quest to dominate the Gentleman's game in Uganda. This fairly new club has become synonymous with success. And greeting victory like a familiar friend, the just concuded Twenty Twenty overs league, sponsored by Unimoni Powered By Xpress money saw them lift the winner's trophy yet again - just eight weeks after winning the Jazz Safari National Men's League.

Arguably the undisputed kings of cricket in 2018, this phenomenal team has shone as bright as their attire, if not brighter, in the just concluded Unimoni National T20 Cup tournament. But the champions didn't get off to a dream start, wrestling through their first loss - a walk over due to fielding an illegitimate fielder, the once unbeaten team and leaders of the 50 overs format, saw defeat for the first time this year.
While the 50 overs may have had some smooth sailing, the faster paced format tested Damani almost all season through from wide to narrow marginal wins. With a dramatic last over battle against one of the biggest contenders for the title, Kutchi Tigers that saw them win by the skin of their teeth with the Tigers needed 10 runs to win, Daman's Isaneez Emmanuel picked two wickets for five runs by innings' end - close shave if there was one. Another tough nut to crack was the relentless Ceylon Lions, who had proven themselves the team to beat in their group in this T20 league - a sharp contrast to their 50 overs' league performance. The Lions were the only team to ever beat Aziz Damani, winning by eleven runs. Wounded but not out, Saud Islam and his charges diligently won every one of their remainimg games, determined to reach the top, and their hard work was rewarded with a closely contested quarter final slot that saw them leap over Strikers CC and Kutchi Tigers for a second place finish with a higher net run rate 2.44, the highest in their group and second in the entire league after KICC's 3.02.

With a seven wicket victory of Tornado Bees, Aziz Damani sealed their spot in the semi finals and with it, a second bite at the cherry against the Ceylon Lions. The Lions went all out beefing up their already deadly arsenal with Kenyan internationals Alex Obanda and Lucas Oluoch, but Damani came to the party with Mir Afzal, Javian Mcfarlene, Pervaiz Ali, Swaroop Kumar and Harsha Vanrdhan together with the already star studded side with all rounders Riazat Ali Shah, Isaneez Emmanuel, Saud Islam, Kenneth Waiswa, Bilal Hassun, Brian Masaba and specialist bowlers Henry Ssenyondo and Charles Waiswa, ensuring sweet victory in one of their toughest games of the season.

It was a literal fight to the finish that had Ceylon leading up until the 19th over before the winds changed sides with a maximum and boundary bringing the score down from over 20 runs needed in an over to just 13. But fighting until the last ball, they pulled off yet another terrific feat that the Tigers knew only too well, to win by two wickets. Damani waltzed through to the finals in a game that was clearly in the hands lf their opponents, a scenario repeated even as they faced the unbeaten KICC in a game that had KICC leading in the chase up until the 15th over before the tide changed with the eigth wicket falling and win by 31 runs with 11 balls to spare.

"The fierce battle between the cricket clubs to lift the championship not only made the tournament exciting to watch but also showed the countries untapped talent. Cricket is one of the widely followed sports in Uganda and the tournament gave us an opportunity to connect and engage with our customers outside of business parameters through the much loved sport"

Unimoni previously known as UAE Exchange in Africa have a long history of promoting cricket and other games around the world and the brand was the title sponsor for the recently concluded Asia Cup 2018. The sky is only the limit for Aziz Damani, who have single handedly dominated the gentleman's sport, it can only be upwards from here for now, we'll stand up for the champions, yet again.

As Aziz Damani club is continuing its journey of victories in various formats of Cricket like 50 Overs and 20 Overs and other formats, Club is also concentrating on bringing up rural and urban talents from various schools and institutes.Aziz Damani club is supporting the children and youth of Uganda to improve their skills by building Cricket Grounds in various places MASAKA second school and KASESE.

Aziz damani has taken a very good initiative towards coutries development.
It has started development and motivation programs to bring up the young talents of the country.
Going forward, Damani club conducts monthly camps to motivate the urban youth to participate in various sports like cricket, vollyball and many more as per their interests.

Siva Ceo Aziz Damani Sports Club working with an uk ngo called cricket with out boundaries for schools cricket development uganda.

Aziz Damani Sports Club

Kampala. Aziz Damani Sports Club are living their dream. Only last year, their Chief Executive Officer Siva Koti Reddy said he wants the club to sway away from just being a cricket club to a sporting empire.

Two weeks ago, a ladies cricket club Masaka Secondary School was added to their ranks. Masaka, who are dictating pace in the Second Division of National Womens League, have now taken up a new name in Aziz Damani Masaka Cricket Club. On Sunday at Kyambogo Oval after their mens outfit sripted a 188-run win over Nile to stay in the race for the Jazz Safari National League title, Koti announced that the empire had grown further with the addition of Kawempe-based First Division outfit Katooke United FC.

Koti said he was delighted with the progress the sports club was taking in just under 12 months and also disclosed that he was also in partnership with Soroti Cricket Academy for plans to build them a cricket oval and avail cricket equipment for the newly set up academy.

“After their coach Yusuf Nanga contacted, I noticed Masaka SS and the girls there have talent which pushed me to support them,” said Koti said.

Most interesting of all is that Koti has stretched his giving hand to football club Katooke United. “My focus is already to develop sports,” he said at the event attended by 18 players and three officials from Katooke.

Both new frachises take up the name Aziz Damani. But how did Koti, whose fabric is cricket, end up in football? “I told him about our club when I went to do for him some routine work,” said Katooke’s manager Francis Awiti.

“One day, I heard him talk cricket so I thought he could support us,” narrated Awiti, an electrician by profession. Luckily, Awiti’s club, formed in 1976 by his father and others in Mityana before shifting to Kawempe in 1990, easily convinced Koti after it earned promotion recently to the Fufa Kampala Central Division One.

“Our biggest challenge has been financial hitches over the years,” Awiti said. “So with this, we are capable of attracting better players and I believe the club is destined for greater things.”

“If I take over something, I give my best,” said Koti who has been encouraged by Damani’s consistency in just three years as justified by the 2015 Night Cricket, 2016 Division Two and T20 Kishor Pabari Memorial titles.

Aziz damani sports club is gearing up by Welcoming one more prestigious victory into Aziz Damani's Winning stack. Damani club has conquered "THE JAZZ SAFRI" national league.

Soon after qualifying for division-2, damani club has proved it's strength ,skills and talent by making a remarkable victory over Champions Team and grabbed "THE JAZZ SAFRI" national league by reaching the top of table with 67 points, where the defending champion "Tornado Bee", which has a record of 4 consecutive wins since last 4 years is managed to get only 62 points.

On the other hand, Damani club's Women cricket team also creating records in "THE JAZZ SAFRI" national league by being unbeatable record 4-0.

In 2017, this is the 2nd consecutive victory for Aziz damani sports club. This proves, Damani club's dedication towards upbringing and promoting the hidden talents of people in different sports like Cricket,Women cricket and Football and etc. Click here more images




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